Unreal Engine good for a beginner?

I am looking into buying subscription into unreal engine 4, but I have no experience in the unreal engine. I don’t know how to model and I don’t know how to code (c++ and the like).
I want to get into proper game design since I’ve been using the source engine from Valve for a while, but it just feels really limiting.
Would you guys recommend UE4 for a beginner? I would pretty much only use it for personal stuff and learning.

Sorry if I’m in the wrong board.

Yes, it’s is good for a beginner–much of what is changed over time is to make it easier to work with. Things like Blueprints allow you to be able to create gameplay like you would normally do with scripting but without actually knowing scripting. Lots of problems that other engines have to deal with aren’t a problem here. There’s also lots of examples to look at so you can learn.

It isn’t the type of thing though that you would make the entire game just from the editor, 3D assets need to be created in a different program and imported into UE4. There’s some simple geometry that can be created but that’s used for blocking out the level before you replace the geometry with your detailed meshes.

Where would the other 3D assets be created from if I may ask?

Are the documents on this engine free or do I have to subscribe first?

I have yet to see a reason why you can’t use what’s in the engine for basic walls/pillars though. The geometry might be a little weird, but if it’s not being animated, and not adding a ton of polys to the scene I don’t get what the problem is. Unless I’m missing something?

In my opinion the UE4 is (or generally the unreal engine ^^) is pretty easy to use. I also tried out the cryengine, but somehow for me it was harder to use then the ue

Some positive stuff that the UE4 has:

  • blueprints
  • community
  • examples
  • many tutorials
  • documentation
  • material editor, cascade, landscape tool,…

So I personally would recommend you to use the UE4 even when you are a beginner!

When you also want to start modelling, then take a look at blender -> its free and easy to use :wink:

It’s free

also take a look at the official youtube tutorials:

Thanks a lot with your information, I’m going to buy it after this month.

3ds Max, Maya, Blender…any 3D modeling software really. I’ve used 3ds Max and Blender to import into UE4 so far. As someone else kind of said, you can start using the basic modeling tools in UE4 to block out your ideas (levels/maps) as you learn, or you can use the Static Meshes that come with UE4, and worry about getting into 3D models as you go.

You can also find many free assets online, google something like, “free .fbx 3D”.

Here are some good 3d model sites: :slight_smile:

Use a 3D program like Blender, 3ds Max, Maya

Yes, all documentation is free:

With BSP you can’t control smoothing on curved surfaces (like pillars). And BSP has lower performance than static meshes.

Thanks for this

Yes I am also totally new to this. I just downloaded UE4 last week, and have never used in 3d programs in the past. I can say that I’m starting to have a bit of fun now with the UE4 engine, working on the landscape and some simple design, but am still really trying to figure it all out.

I didn’t realize I would need to learn the other 3d programs as well to really make full use of it. It would be great to have some tutorials from a total beginner perspective that would show the level creation WITH the integration of some other software.

Still, i’m having fun and learning a lot. Well worth the $19 entry fee imo

I’ve taught myself a lot of 3D packages over the years, and one thing I appreciate about unreal is they are making a real effort to create tutorials. The documentation itself seems a little sparse in places, but it’s being worked on, and the devs are very responsive on the answer hub, so all in all I think it’s a great engine to start with for beginners. I’m looking into teaching it to a couple of my high school level animation classes possibly even.

It’s definitely good for beginners and pros alike.