Unreal Engine Generalist of 10+ years searching for a gig!


I am multi talented full cycle developer. I shipped an indie title, worked on many B2B projects, and I have 10 year experience in Unreal. Quite a ride!

Do you want to start a game’s production, but would like some tips or tricks? Or are you in the middle of it and need help? I am all for it.

I do:

  • Game design, level design, art direction
  • Blueprint development
  • UI, UX
  • Sound design and programming,
  • Team production and management
  • Localization
  • Project architecture

Basically everything what it takes to build a game!
I also like to create solutions that are budget friendly, make sense, and most importantly are cool and fun to play.

My site: http://www.nonode.dev/. It’s just a quick look.

My Discord is Pavelios#4451

Please let me know of any opportunities! I work for 35 EUR per hour.
Thank you.

Are you looking for Revenue Share?

Hello, no sorry, I am not.

Hello everyone, I am available for work again! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, yet again, I am available for more work! Please check out https://www.nonode.dev/ for my stuff :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hello guys, available again for any gigs.
Last one was great, done some stuff for the event industry, a physical installation!
I know I am annoying but here is my web: