Unreal Engine Games without EPIC account or better using Unity


I am a hobbyist want to develop some small non commercial (VR) demos. I played around with Unity a bit and I am now in decision phase which engine would be better for me.
I read some articles about using UE4 offline or without an EPIC account is difficult to unpossible. Is that true? And what about the games I create. Do they run without EPIC launcher and an EPIC account. Do I even need to publish them on EPIC store or can I give them to friends or publish them on my own site.

For develpoment I Maybe can live with that account stuff. But if using my own games requiere an EPIC account, that would be a No-Go for me.

Thanks for clarifying.

Using UE4 offline is easy - I do it all the time.
Using UE4 without an Epic account is not really possible, as you need to either download the binary version via the Epic launcher or gain access to the Github repo.
Both require you to have an Epic account of some kind.

Anything you create using UE4 can run without the Epic launcher or account.

You do not need to publish them under the Epic store, though royalties are involved for any commercial product at a certain point of profit.