unreal engine games will crash everytime.

heey guys,

I have a problem since a couple of months with PUBG crashing a lot. this usually means i have to restart the game like 20 times before i get in and than once iam playing the game it also still sometimes crashes at the most random moments. About a month ago when a big patch came out the game wouldn´t even start anymore. Now i found out that if i delete my %localappdata% everytime i start the game i can get into most games. However it still crashes during playing which sometimes is after 10mins but sometimes after 4 hours. and i play on all low settings but i have a decent fps in pubg i would say around 60~

The crash is not consistent at the same image on startup. it´s a different moment everytime

Recently i decided to try fortnite. Here i have the same problem. Most of the times i don´t get past te lobby. In the lobby i have like 200-300 fps and it still crashes. so after trying everything iam out of options to fix it.

I think i tried almost everything that you can find for solutions without any succes. Do you guys have any tips/tricks what might fix the problem

computer specs:
laptop Asus 751JX
videocard: geforce gtx 750m + intergrated
processor: intel core i7-4720HQ
ram: 16gb
memory: SSD

some of the things i tried:
-verify games
-reinstall windows(delete everything)
-check temperatures which are fine
-underclock ram
-check for errors in dxdiag
-give administrator rights
-close all other programs that are open
-change the ammount of cores to 1 when starting up and than changing it back to all cores
-update all drivers
-some people said having connected something in a usb could cause the crash. so i started it without anything attached (still crashes)
-delete asus additional programs
-switched the ram slot i was using - later upgraded from 8 to 16gb ram
-set security center & windows management istrumentation to ¨automatic¨ (it already was but checked it)
-disabled HPET(high precision event timer)
-remove launch options

  • windows latest version
    -added it in the exceptions firewall (also tried it with firewall off)
    -repaired/updated directX
    -repaired vcredit
    -and i think many more.

the error i get on PUBG is: error: 0x887A0006 - “HUNG”

i can send you the whole error file later if needed but iam currently at work.
Hope someone can help solve this problem cuz it has been soo annoying and cost me so much time to solve


This forum is not the place for technical support for PUBG