Unreal Engine GAMERISTIC Logo Animation

In a series of officially sponsored animations, I’ve partnered with Epic Games to animate the Unreal Engine logo in various themes along with showing the viewer how I created them. In this third animation dubbed " GAMERISTIC ", I used a combination of Rokoko Studio, Cinema 4D & Unreal Engine

WINBUSH!!! Man, can’t thank you enough for showing me the ropes of UE and how to take my cinema4D into UE. Ive been going about 85% UE and 15% C4D now. Can’t get enough of those real time vibes :slight_smile: When are you going to make this into a playable game!!?? Waiting for more amazing workflow tips from you. Have a great weekend!

I actually followed along in this video. I was able to rig my own character in Cinema4d, import him into Unreal and then animate him using mocap data I got from Xsens. The best part was left for last when the video showed how to not only use an ipad as a virtual camera but to actually record with it and use it in sequencer. We need more content like this!!! Thank you Winbush for always making the best tutorials and making them in such a way that people are able to follow through from start to finish!

Thank you guys I really appreciate it!