Unreal Engine Furious Elegance Challenge Submission


Lulu : Furious Elegance

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Clothing sourced from Unreal Engine Marketplace - Workbrand Wear
Workbrand Techwear in Props - UE Marketplace.

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  • Description / backstory to the piece / feedback around the challenge

This is a story about the real life Victorian transgender trapeze artist Lulu Farini. It is a one minute imagned scene of Lulu feeling the freedom that being a woman while practicing a trapeze artist gives her. I worked with a gender queer trapeze artist whose face has a similar shape to the real Lulu, I scanned their face, blended their face with other male metahumans then added it to a female body. The form was originally mean to be less revealing to make Lulu’s gender ambiguous but this was not possible with the time frame.

Unreal Engine is a real possibility for how we might go about creating the series, and this was a wonderful way to test the software from a technical and tonal perspective. More information about Lulu Farini and the backstory to this one minute piece can be found on my website, available through my instagram: @augusta.b.wicht or https://www.instagram.com/augusta.b.wicht/

  • Engine version 5.2
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