Unreal engine for interactie installation

Hello Unreal!

I’m a visual artist working on interactive installations.
I don’t have much experience with real-time 3D engines and I wonder if Unreal can handle this kind of task.

There is a large 4K LCD screen in portrait mode and kinect2 camera.
***** User stands in front of the screen sees 3D objects floating across the screen (as if something exploded).
As user moves slightly to the left or right the image adjusts accordingly.
****** When user pushes a button, all floating 3D objects move quickly to predetermined position and form an
***** As user pushes button again, the object explodes again and 3d objects float across the screen.


  1. Can Unreal engine import and manipulate 3D objects (prepared in some 3d software) and manipulate them in real-time ?

  2. Can Unreal engine render in 4K with decent PC ? And what are the system requirements for that ?

  3. Can Unreal engine work Kinect2 ?

  4. Is there other platform or engine, which might be more suitable for this kind of task ?

Thank you much,