Unreal Engine for Education Info

Hey there! As you know, Epic has waived the Unreal Engine 4 subscription fee for higher education institutions!

If you are an educator and wish to use UE4 in your classroom, Sign up today to get started!
Are you a student who want’s to learn UE4, the most powerful game engine on the market? Send your school administrators to the academic sign up form.
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Educators: Sign Up Your School at the Unreal Engine Education Home Page
About Unreal Engine

**Students enrolled through their school will have the same benefits of UE4 subscribers without the $19 fee. This includes full access to UE4’s C++ source code, Blueprint visual scripting, all the features, updates, bug fixes and so forth. Students who decide to release commercial products only have to pay the standard 5% royalty after the first $3,000 per game per quarter. No royalties are due on non-gaming projects such as simulations, film, architecture visualizations, etc. For more info, please visit the FAQ.

This Forum is for Educators to ask questions or give feedback on the UE4 for Education program. Drop us your questions and let us know your thoughts! :slight_smile:

That’s a fantastic initiative guys and gals! :smiley: I’m in touch with the head instructor at the Ubisoft gaming academy in Abu Dhabi, they’re using Unity but have also used UDK in the past. I’ll be sure to pass these details on :slight_smile: