Unreal Engine for After Effects artists

HI everyone

I need help with how to control the play modes

I’m working on a cinematic experience for VR

I come from graphic & motion design background, working on after effects and premiere pro, a timeline based workflow.

working with the matinee is a complete nightmare for me.

while I’m playing it in VR mode play, there’s no way of controlling the timeline, skipping between frames/chapters, stop, play, and all the functions that make the workflow more fluid.

I’ll be happy to hear from you guys if there’s a way of controlling the play modes, I tried to find tutorials that deal with that but I didn’t find any.

Thanks a lot

Sequencer - the UE4 non linear editor - will be coming out soon. It’s much more user friendly for people coming from a VFX background

Thanks a lot

I also come from a cinematics/VFX background; and I’ll tell you that fortunately, matinee is not as robust as something like final cut pro or premiere. It’s actually very archaic and slow to use, just because it was designed a very long time ago, etc. As someone said, sequencer will work more like adobe premiere for video games lol.
I’m sure you can still work with matinee for what you need; I’d like to help point you to some possible solutions, but don’t know enough about what exactly you’re trying to do. Mind explaining with some more details what you need to accomplish?

Hi Jak
thanks for your response, well, I am trying to create a ride between different locations,
its a 7 minutes long and every time i want to check something in the middle of it in a VR play mode,
I need to go through all the way until that point,
is there a way to skip a long the experience in Play mode?