Unreal Engine End User License Agreement

Many times in the last few months I have purchased products on the Unreal Engine market.
This time I found a long license contract that I have to sign to continue.
Contract that is obviously written in the legal language is not easy to understand in all its parts, especially for me who are mother tongue non-English.
I do not understand some very simple things:

  1. Can I use the unreal engine software to create games?
  2. Once the game is created, can I sell it to end users? Obviously I do not sell unreal engine but the game created with that …
  3. The software or software realizations bought under the unreal engine market can I use them without problems in the game that I will sell?
    Stupid and simple but important questions at the same time.
    I’m not a lawyer, I’m not going to pay a lawyer every time I buy a 10 € uro product on your market.
    I understand your needs not to have problems with potential incorrect people, but try to understand the needs of those who must take a degree in law to feel comfortable buying a 10 € uro product from you and then use it in a product that you would like resell.
    I invested time and money to learn how to use a minimum system (which I also like) and I would hate to throw everything in the trash and switch to a concurrent system just because we speak two different languages ​​and for this I have to be afraid to buy from you products.
    I look forward to your clarification before making further purchases, hoping it will arrive quickly.
    Thank you.

Legal jargon is always hard to read for anyone who isnt a lawyer, so no worries.

  1. Yes, you can use the Unreal Engine to create games of any style without issue.

  2. Yes, you can sell the game created with the Unreal Engine, you can also release/distribute the game for free. If the game earns income, you are required to pay Epic Games 5% royalties, but only if your game makes above a certain amount (I think its $3000 USD per quarter)

  3. Yes, anything you buy on the Unreal Engine Marketplace you are allowed to use in a game, with unlimited uses. You basically purchase the rights to use that content in any game. Although, if you release the games source files, you cannot include the assets in a non packaged release (ie if you want modding in your game, you cannot release the modding tools with the marketplace content in it).

All in all, it is perfectly fine to use Unreal to build and sell games, as well as utilizing marketplace products in your game.