Unreal Engine Editor won't open [UE5-01]

Hi there!

So I’ve had nothing but problems with the Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine so far ever since I’ve installed it the other day

1: First, it wouldn’t let me Log In with my Google account . Even though I was Logged In to the Epic Games Website on 2 different browsers. I fixed it by adding a Password in Account Settings

2: So next I Downloaded and Installed Unreal Engine 5.1 and it wouldn’t let me launch it and it said “LS-0019: Prerequisites installation failed”. So I added " -SkipBuildPatchPrereq" to the Target line in the Properties Shortcut for “C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Portal\Binaries\Win64\EpicGamesLauncher.exe”. I think that may have been the fix because I was able to launch Unreal Engine 5.1 after that.

3: So after Unreal Engine loaded I clicked the “Third Person” game option from the Example Presets or whatever its called. I named it “3rdPersonTestGame” and it would bring up the Loading Screen and load to 100% but then nothing would happen. The window was just empty.

So at an attempt to fix the issue I deleted the “5.0” Folder in “C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\5.0” and then I deleted the “CachedAssetRegistry.bin” File in “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\5.0\Intermediate”

It still won’t open and I attached a screenshot showing the blank window of it

I would sincerely appreciate the help!

Thank You! :slight_smile:

The same problem happened to me. I dont know how to fix it. Your method didn’t work for me.

Hey there @KingFar00q! Welcome to the community! If your issue is like this user’s, this may be a fix! If you have other symptoms, please let me know!