Unreal Engine Editor "Light Edition"

I believe it would benefit Epic to have a “light version” of the editor/engine for educational purposes. 20 Gigabytes of space is an overkill specially if you want to teach someone with a “regular” computer.— this is a rumor---- Also given that the new Xbox series X will have a “windows mode” maybe it is a golden opportunity to have this hardware as a way to access UE4 cheaply. -------
This will specially benefit less privileged sectors of society who do not have the means to afford an over 1K $ computer. Not sure if any of this is possible, just throwing the idea out there in case nobody have pointed this out. Last year I tried to teach 3 high-school students Unreal and the first struggle was to find machines that could run the editor.

The new Xbox does not have a mode that runs regular Windows

I Just checked and what I have read about the Xbox is apparently a rumor… sorry about that! in any case the feature request is about a Lighter/stream down Unreal Engine editor. This may not be possible but I still think 20 gigs is an overkill for educational purposes. I will edit the title. Thanks