Unreal Engine editor lags up after launching app on iPhone

Hi, so I have this problem, the Unreal Engine editor lags up a big time when I launch the app on my phone. The engine works great and it works seamlessly until I try to launch my game on the phone. Quitting the game and killing the launch doesn’t help and I need to restart the whole editor to make it work properly every single time I launch the game. This is complete non-sense to me but it just works this way. Its on the macOS 10.12.6 and Unreal Engine 4.17.1. The problem is that I need to test the game only on my phone since its AR kit project. I don’t think that my computer is the problem. I have intel i5 and 16 gb of ram. Also a decent graphics card gtx 750ti.

This wasn’t happening few days ago and I dont know what is the problem. Also I’m not sure if this happens with other projects too.

Have you examined log output from launching on device? Are you using project launcher or using the launch option form in the editor? Have you tried debugging/launching from within Xcode to get a bit more insight during the startup process?