Unreal Engine Editor Always Crashing

Hi there,
I updated to UE4.25 and when I’m adding some nodes in Blueprint class, sometimes it stops… when I drag and drop some asset to the level, sometimes it somes…
So I created a new project and started doing the same system that I was trying to do in the previous project. I created a character and then when I was renaming, it stops…
Every time when it stops, takes to long to come back or I need to restart the pc

Does anyone know what’s happening? Or have some idea? :frowning:

    <ErrorMessage>Assertion failed: GD3D11RHI->GetQueryData(Query->Resource, &Query->Result, sizeof(Query->Result), Query->QueryType, true, false) [File:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Windows/D3D11RHI/Private/D3D11Query.cpp] [Line: 45]</ErrorMessage>

<CallStack>ntdll 0x0000000005410000 + 9ae14 KERNELBASE 0x0000000002fa0000 + 226ee UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 56ea9d UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x00000000e9b30000 + 143d92 VCRUNTIME140 0x00000000ecde0000 + e360 ntdll 0x0000000005410000 + a00ef ntdll 0x0000000005410000 + 4b474 ntdll 0x0000000005410000 + 4b1c5 KERNELBASE 0x0000000002fa0000 + 23e49 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 56e9e6 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 571dc8 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 2fe53d UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 2897b5 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 28baf0 UE4Editor-D3D11RHI 0x00000000b7fd0000 + 4027e UE4Editor-D3D11RHI 0x00000000b7fd0000 + 4f7ef UE4Editor-RHI 0x00000000e3ac0000 + 5088e UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x00000000e9b30000 + 4673d UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x00000000e9b30000 + 63946 UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x00000000e9b30000 + 6f842 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + a87d8 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + a8aa3 UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x00000000e9b30000 + 8f892 UE4Editor-RenderCore 0x00000000e9b30000 + 953d4 UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 59025b UE4Editor-Core 0x00000000c2050000 + 587c30 KERNEL32 0x0000000003b20000 + 16fd4 ntdll 0x0000000005410000 + 4cec1</CallStack>
<Registers />
<ThreadName>RenderThread 1</ThreadName>

I changed the RHI from DirectX to Vulkan and reinstalled the Unreal, and now looks work better than before

LogVulkanRHI: Error: Result failed, VkResult=-4
at D:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/VulkanRHI/Private/VulkanMemory.cpp:2251