Unreal Engine eating a lot of ram after some time

After 2-3 hours of working in Unreal Engine the RAM usage goes super high. From 800-1GB RAM at start to 5GB RAM and its starting to slow my computer up.

Attached the MEMREPORT and my Dxdiag.


Can confirm that this is a problem for me too. RAM usage goes up significantly whenever landscapes are involved and whenever I reload any levels. UE4 used up at least 10 gb out of my 16 gb on my laptop. Haven’t faced too many issues on my main desktop though with 32 gb of ram.

I have fixed a memory leak related to the landscape collision height fields in the source code, but it barely affects memory allocations in the editor. Its only noticeable in stand-alone mode.

I have a random memory leak since around 4.14 or late 4.13, but normally the project does not crash, but then have to manually end program task. No idea why this happens, using large landscape and latest LAM package from marketplace.with 5 additional landscape layers.

Hey all,

I would need a way to reproduce the issue you are reporting in a new blank project. I did find a bug report related to Landscape memory leaking which might be related to the issue you guys are mentioning here.


Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


My RAM is 48GB when ever I build the light it uses all 48GB and just freezes…

I wish unreal knew when not limit its RAm usage. It just use all 48GB and hangs my computer each and every time… We are building a hotel and now we cannot use the Unreal engine.

We even used swarm on multiple machines but Unreal will hang on the main one using the coordinator

very sad