Unreal Engine download button sends me to broken link


I can’t seem to download Unreal Engine because the download button sends me to this link: Download - Unreal Engine
It doesn’t load or anything.
I need it for a project for school and want to use it in the future.
I hope to get an answer a.s.a.p since I only have a few months to work with this.
Thanks for reading.

Hi TheDjafdjaf,

That links takes me to the correct page. Are you logged into your account when you try it? Once you have an account and are logged in, that link will take you to a place with an option to download the .msi for the Unreal Launcher.

Hi TheDjafdjaf,

We haven’t heard back from you yet, so we’re resolving this issue for tracking purposes. If you’re still having trouble getting set up, please feel free to respond with the details requested above and we can continue assisting. Thanks!


Sorry for the late response…I couldn’t use my PC for a long time since I was on vacation and downloading the program there would not matter since I couldn’t see if it works on my PC.
Anyways, I’m back and I still can’t seem to use the download button in the upper right corner.
I click on it but it doesn’t seem to activate any code since my PC isn’t downloading or even loading anything at all.
Hope I can get some more help with this.

The blue “Get Unreal” button on the Unreal Engine website and the page you linked to takes me to the download options page. From there, you should be able to select the download option (Windows or Mac):


Do you get to that page and see that option?

Is it possible that you’re clicking the blue button in the top right corner? That simply links to the download page. Try clicking the orange “Download” button on the left side of the screen, under the text “Get Unreal Engine”.

Hi TheDjafdjaf,

A few more questions to help us troubleshoot:

  1. Are you on a Mac or PC?
  2. What web browser are you using?
  3. Are you able to download other assets from links on other sites?
  4. Have you checked your Browser’s “Downloads” folder to see if the UE4 installer downloaded without you realizing it?
  5. What country are you in?
  6. Do you have anti-virus software that may be preventing the download and installation of UE4?

Please answer these questions and we will continue to investigate the issue.


Steve H.


I have just created an account as suggested above via the sign in at the top of this question page, and I am having the same problem that I cannot get to the sign in or to the download options page as stated above. When I click on the blue “Get Unreal” button at the top right on this page displaying this question and answers, nothing happens. When I go to the unreal engine web home page and it seems that it recognises me as being logged in, all I get is a blank screen with the URL

I get the same after logging out.

I am on a PC using Firefox 43.0.1

Answer to 3 and 4 is yes.

5: I am in Australia

6: Norton internet security which I use always notifies me of any software being downloaded is suspect or not So It cannot be that since no notification is given.

So it is a mystery to me why this is occurring except that the links are broken.

Perhaps this would help. I also logged out after creating my account and found that I cannot sign in on the Get Unreal home page, URL


However no problem logging in on this question page. Broken link?

So I would appreciate as much as TheDjafdjaf if a solution or reason for this could be found and resolved.

Thank you.

I Think I have found the problem.

I remembered that on very very very rare occasions I find that downloading or accessing some web pages does not occur while using Firefox. Must be something to do with privacy and/or security settings I have made in Firefox or Firefox has built into it.

This may be as on one forum I regularly post on I have to disable a privacy setting to login. BTW I did disable all my privacy addons in firefox before making the above post, but no avail though, so it is not the privacy addons I use.

Anyway, using Internet explorer has allowed me to gain access to the above download page and I have managed to download and install the epic games launcher. My IE has no settings beyond the defaults as I never, except on these very very very rare occations use it… So this may be the problem TheDjafdjaf has. He may have privacy or security settings or something else defined in his browser, or it is the browser that he is using that the “What is Unreal” login and download page does not like.

Well I will now go and instal the unreal engine now. Hope there are not any of the download issues I have read that some others have had. The limit of my permitted download allocation is only enough for one attempt without risk of running out before my monthly quota is renewed

All the best.

I actually have the same problem with Chrome. Unfortunately, I do not have Explorer. My PC is my own build, and I hate explorer. So, I guess I will download on my laptop and transfer the files over. Thanks for the info.

So, I worked my way around it. I was able to sign up for Epic Games easily WITHOUT using any of the links here. Then I was forced to login in order to post the above message; which finally allowed me to log in. Then from my profile page on this site, I was able to click the “orange” download button for Windows. And it actually downloaded. I am posting this, for anyone else who runs into this stupid problem.