Unreal Engine download blocked by my company. What to unblock?

Hi all

The company I work for is by default blocking certain url’s for security reasons and so far I have managed to get them to unblock the installer download link.

My problem is that the installer is getting data from somewhere that also seem to be blocked. Does anyone know which url’s that need to be unblocked for Unreal to install?


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Kim Bager

You might want to post this as a question on the AnswerHub, it is more likely to get developers attention.

Same here. No need for answer hub, downloads from Epic are really just on the blacklists that the company IT receives from their sources. Pretty much like adult sites or gambling sites and so on.

Thanks for the replies

I got the IT department to whitelist the adress for the installer so I figure I can get them to whitelist the rest of the needed adresses if I know what they are. Problem is I can’t see where the launcher gets its data.

I will try on Answerhub

According to this you will want to whitelist the whole of epicgames.com.

That’s going to be rejected for a small gaming company like Epic Games because whitelisting opens it corporate wide fór some 300k employees, at least here.
Maybe Epic can do something about it :frowning:

Huh? What is being opened-up? Access to the Epic website, nothing more.

I’d say check your firewall rules or contact your network administrator because he may be using some third party tool to block such traffic. You could also download source from github :smiley:

Thanks for the link trojanfoe. I’ll let the IT department have look at that