Unreal Engine doesn't starts

Hi, I’m new to Unreal Engine. (I’ve used a few more engines before too!) I’m just interested to switch to Unreal Engine for making some PC games with good graphics.
I’ve downloaded Unreal Engine, created a project, it loads and but after loading no color! No UI, no 3D view etc. Just Unreal Engine icon in taskbar. Can’t even select desktop!
I’ve reopened a lot times. Always the same. Created a second project too! It’s same too.
Why it’s behaving like this? I’d like to attach a screenshot but I can’t see any option for it.
You can ask me for more information.
I have 6 GB RAM
DirectX 11 supported Graphics card

You can copy / paste directly from clipboard, drag & drop from a folder, there’s an upload button in the reply box.

You need min 8.

What card is it? If you’re sitting on something with 512MB vRAM, that could be another culprit. How about OS - Win10 or?

While you do not need a top-end rig for sure, you do need a somewhat capable PC.

Yeah, mine is windows 10, but VRAM is 2 GB. And I don’t have 8 GB RAM, I see…
Thanks for the reply, I think I’ll need to upgrade my RAM first.

Technically, you should be able to run with 6GB of RAM but this may vary from system to system. The engine got bloated with more features over the years, unsure whether the memory footprint remains unaffected. But too few GBs & Slow HDD will bring things to a grinding halt or simply refuse to run.

Also a 4 core processor is a requirement. Although folks managed to run the engine on a 2c potato PC in the past.

So I came back after lots of days.
I actually bought, I’d say, mid-end laptop and UE 5.3 works fine with high-scalability. But sometimes low disk space crashes and I had to clean them up.

Windows 11
Processor i5
11th generation