Unreal Engine Docs have zero official information on a basic, static climbing system. Please help!

Unfortunately there is no official UE4 documentation anywhere on climbing.

Maybe you guys can just type out a quick, dirty explanation of what I should be using in UE4 to make the most basic, simple climbing system.

These are my animations:

  • animation_climbUpA240cmHighBox.FBX
  • animation_climbUpA284cmHighBox.FBX
  • animation_climbUpA384cmHighBox.FBX
  • animation_climbUpA512cmLadder.FBX

As you can see, all the animations are unique to a static height. I don’t need a fancy dynamic ledge system or anything.

I just need to get my foot in the door, can you guys just give me any basic information on how to achieve this? - No official information on climbing unfortunately.

Thanks for your time!

I would see on IK, thought I dont know about it… I guess in the content examples there are some info…

Or… I will look into ragdoll and constraints for bones and “anymate” all on the fly xD

you could try this thread, It’s quite old but it might help:)