Unreal Engine development and Windows 10

So windows has constantly been annoying me with these pop-ups to tell me to upgrade my computer to windows 10. I’ve been ignoring them for a long time now because I have too many programs that I don’t want to risk becoming inoperable.

Well the upgrade dialogue is becoming more forceful and now is demanding to install windows 10 without my approval, so I thought I might as well check around to see if the stuff I need works with Windows 10 yet.

The first program I want to check is the Unreal Editor. Does it have any problems running in Windows 10? The last time I checked I needed Windows 7, but that was a year ago. How about now?

And while I am , I might as well ask about some other programs that other folks might be using. What is the oldest version of Maya that anyone has been able to run correctly in Windows 10? Anyone try Gimp, Inkscape, or Sound Forge?

Unreal works fine, Photoshop works fine, 3ds Max works fine, though version 2012 had an issue where the text on the title bar is white like the title bar so you can’t see what file you’re working on. Version 2016 is fine.

Gimp and Unreal work fine for me.

I believe you could also get rid of the upgrade prompt by uninstalling certain updates or by using GWX control panel. Shame you need a third-party program to do so though.

Haven’t heard anyone with problems running UE4. And from what I know there are over all few compatibility problems with W10.

So now after new update, we have problems. At Win7.

Game crash before start match and after match. Sometimes not only game crash but all system. This game works good before update.

Game? What game? Unreal Editor 4 is not a game.

I upgraded my Win8.1 to Win10 from day one, and UE4 works fine, no problem at all. Other software also working without problem after upgrade.

Ue4 works fine, though I wish that epic would incorporate DX12 into the installer-based engine.

Something to note though, not an issue with UE4 but with Windows, is that the start menu button fails to respond at times. I found a VBS script that fixes it (resets explorer.exe):

Function RefreshExplorer()
	dim strComputer, objWMIService, colProcess, objProcess 
	strComputer = "."
	'Get WMI object 
	Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
	  & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" _ 
	  & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") 
	Set colProcess = objWMIService.ExecQuery _
	  ("Select * from Win32_Process Where Name = 'explorer.exe'")
	For Each objProcess in colProcess

End Function 

Call RefreshExplorer

I agree that non stopping message to update my windows to that crappy 10 version is really annoyi g, each day it’s same and each day I have to end their message ! Why they continue to send me that I closed that updater messages thousands, no it’s no !

works well for me

Win 10 is so far my favourite OS, upgraded from 7 without reformatting and everything works the same or better than it did before.
Except there’s some problem where if I reset my PC I have to turn it off and take the power out for a few minutes or my ethernet adapter doesn’t work.

There is a very good reason why Microsoft wants to force feed you the windows 10, and by installing the new operating system you will say the sweet goodbye for your privacy. Since this is a general topic on UE4 forums, and most of the users are very eager to play with the new OS (dx12 is a reason for example, worth it or not that is an another question) it is important to point out the consequences of such an upgrade. Great number of articles continously popping up to display the monstrosity and shady nature of the telemetry MS is conducting in large quantities, literally affecting >200 million windows users as of lately, who already unfortunate to be caught in the spin and have installed the biggest spyware ever made. While the desktop functionality is providing options to disable some of the mentioned behaviors, deeper analysis have pointed out it is still exchange known/unknown datas with remote services (including sensitive files, tracking informations, bits and pieces recorded from your microphone to analyse your voice characteristic and speech). The list of all these suspicios acts goes way beyond mentioned above, and i strongly suggest you to take your time, get a nice afternoon and google up this topic to make a well educated decision. It is very wise to do so.

As for the GWX (get windows x) you will continously get nagged and tricked to install the OS, fortunately it is nothing more but a dozen of windows 7/8 updates that you can uninstall to get rid of the pain. To do so, just start your searching for the word gwx and windows KB’s associated with it, that you can remove manually rather than using any third party remover tool (which is not prefered i assume).

While windows updates are well establised to be the corner stone of safe and secure computer operating, a few of these kb’s are seem to point out of this scope and may be safely removed without causing alarm.

It’s a good OS, best Windows by a long way in my experience. I’m well aware there is telemetry being taken from my PC, and I don’t mind, I understand why it happens and that it isn’t something new in Windows 10 either.

It’s not something new, no, but it also shouldn’t be acceptable the way Microsoft are getting people to Windows 10 - and once you’re there you basically lose control over your OS install. This year, I’ll be looking to move towards Linux.

Most of the data gathering features can be turned off if you’re concerned, I’m not sure what things don’t have an option to turn off.

There are very good informations can be found that franktech have suggested in these topics too! Privacy, and the users private property can and will be exploited by using the gathered information against the users. Hackers do operate on this territory all the time, and it should not be made easier for them to aquire the informations, than already it is. Install your firewall, antivirus apps, and set up your routers properly. And, in contrast of the new concerns of privacy leaking it is time to learn about how to protect what is your personal property. If the user can find a good alternative for operating system, that is most welcome in such dire times. :slight_smile:

If I see some concrete evidence that Windows 10 is sending any kind of data to Microsoft that I care about I’ll be concerned.

I’m not overly bothered about ‘slurping’ as you call it. I knowingly trade some personal information in exchange for services to a variety of providers.

ReactOS would be a really good alternative to Windows since it’s binary compatible, and hopefully Microsoft won’t stop its development since ReactOS look and feel is really like Win2K.

Linux (Ubuntu is my flava) also an excellent alternative. Still waiting for that UE4 Launcher for Linux!

Everyone can make their own mind up on what is and isn’t acceptable for them.

Windows 10 is a very good tool, the upgrade was free, and if the cost is Microsoft collecting some anonymised data about what apps I’m using or how I use Cortana or whatever, so they can show me the odd ‘suggested app’, I’m fine with that. It’s not like Linux is any better (Ubuntu did exactly that not so long ago).

Besides that, I’m a professional game developer, the reality is that not using Windows simply isn’t an option now, or for the forseeable future.

Microsoft are clear about what data they collect in Windows 10, and I don’t have any reason to believe they are lying.

It’s a matter of trust. I don’t place any **more **trust in Linux and the FOSS community’s nebulous workings, than I do in Microsoft and the many government regulators that are itching for any opportunity to extract fines from them. If it turned out Microsoft were taking information they were not supposed to, every privacy commissioner on the planet would come down on them like a ton of bricks.

I’m pretty sure my Android phone is leaking far more of my personal information than my Windows desktop is, put it that way!

Criticism of Microsoft - Wikipedia And this is what you are allowed to read, cited for public reading that will not cause any serious damage to the said company. Limited information is what you can base your trust on, and it still raises way too much suspicion in many of us to just blindly say we can trust this company. Just by focusing our curiosity on technical aspects of windows, such as bad development of the operating system, security holes and broken features was always a joke among IT circles for decades, and everybody just say “hah, its windows, what do you expect”. But if we are projecting this company to the real world, we see much more malcontent and misbehavior, that is unacceptable. What do you think, why is Windows the leading desktop operating system on the market? And we are talking 80%+ market share. It is not because windows is that good, because we all know it is not, and most likely the worst. Still it is the leading company. What is your idea, why? How would you achieve this magnitude of success?

This way of thinking is self centric, and only want to see what liking to see. Anything else will not concern you. This by all means ignorance in my narrow vocabulary, and this behavior is very helpful to allow the wide spreading of misconducted telemetry.

Please excuse me for quoting you and i am making somewhat offensive reactions to your posts, i do not mean to harm you. I intended these lines to be informative in the hope it helps many readers to better understand the situation we are approaching very quickly.

It is clear that many of us do not recommend for others to pledge their trust to microsoft or any of their products. It also very important to evenly divide the market of desktop computer operating systems. That’s something we all like to see, it is called fair competition. Still, linux really deserves the attention, and it already serves as the best and rock solid operating system for high availability network solutions, and in the last 15+ years development was focused on the desktop solutions as well.

I am having high hopes that in the foreseeable future desktop computer users will indeed be able to aquire decent alternatives, such as linux for everyday operations, and for professional applications as well. Supporting is crucial to achieve this, and if you allow me a cliche i’d like to say “You want something? Make it happen!” :slight_smile: