Unreal Engine Developer for AI Interactive Avatar technology

Job Description
Unreal Engine Developer to work with our team, to help develop Interactive Avatar Humans using UE4. On every platform Globally.

Experience in developing gaming, VR and AR using Unreal Engine.

3D modeling experience, texturing and the ability to code and architect various core engine systems.

  • Responsible performance and features on multiple platforms.
  • Practical and timely solutions that meet design and technical requirements.
  • Industry coding standards and enforce good programming practices
  • Maintain Unreal source code.
  • Enhance and maintain the graphics of Unreal and its new FEATURES.
  • Someone that is very motivated and focused on innovation and design.
  • WORKED with Unreal and Unity a plus.

Job Title: CADO: Chief Avatar Design Officer.
Contract: LOI: Letter Of Intent provided - annually.
Salary, Bonus, Vested Stock and Board position/Officer.

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