Unreal Engine /Datasmith or Twinmotion...?

First off very excited about the acquisition, Epic is making big moves. First off I want to say I know how hard it is to keep a bunch of engineers and architects happy; the things gaming is doing for AEC is incredible and I want to say upfront all your guys’ work is appreciated so much. If is wasn’t for gaming our realtime 3d/VR support would stagnate for another 10 years. My question is to understand Epic’s thinking for the future. I am attending Unreal Academy next weekend and have put quite a bit of time aside to learn Unreal Engine. Now that you guys have aquired Twinmotion I cant help but wonder if I am investing time into something for no reason. Sure I love learning about this stuff in general, but from a business perspective (my firm paying my way to attend Unreal Academy) is Epic’s intention for Architects to learn Unreal Engine or is the whole point of acquiring twinmotion to create a product separate for the AEC community that bypasses a lot of the difficulty that comes with the full Engine. Datasmith is kick ass don’t get me wrong, but some separation or simplifying
Sure using the actual engine the possibilities are limitless, but when balancing out learning curve for a lot of us… it is a big investment. So to simplify my question…

Does Epic intend on developing Twinmotion specifically as the intended platform for AEC? (after Epic Updates it of course)

Just trying to understand your guys’ vision for the future.


i will be able to talk about this with you next week! be sure to sit in our roadmap presentation!

the short answer is none is going away as they both serve different needs!

Would be great to hear where your roadmaps are. Will this be online?