Unreal engine creating real environments

the best way to do that, capturing the real photo as a reference and then start to model it inside any 3D application or inside the Engine itself if possible for u.
as close to reference as possible,

however, the feature u r asking about it , wait for one of the staff to answer you :slight_smile:


Dear All,

I would like to ask you some information about unreal engine feature and how to exploit them.

In more detail i am interested in starting a project of capturing 3d real photos (e.g hotel room, museum etc.) and combining them afterwards in order to create a virtual environment close to reality for someone who wants to navigate around the place.

For example a customer before accepting a hotel offer would like to navigate around a hotel, see the details of the place (lobby, rooms, leisure etc.) in 3d walking around using the browser (html5 technology) by using his PC utilities (mouse or/and keyboard).
Concluding, is it possible that Unreal Engine software can combine real photos or videos in order to create a complete 3d virtual environment and how this can be accomplished. If yes what additional equipment or software is needed and is compatible with the engine.

Can we rely in the technology offered by the engine in order to accomplish such project?
Your answer is highly appreciated.



Generally: Yes.

However keep in mind that Unreal Engine is mainly… no is only a tool for gameplay (walking or some minor physics stuff, interaction, etc) and rendering. It will not be able to generate a model from pictures by itself. The quality of each scene highly depends on the assets and quality of materials which are quite a lot of work themselfs.

If you want to generate those from pictures you will not get a lot of realism. The quality of the photos will limit you, the amount and your general skills in combining those. The current technology to generate models is using especially for this purpose created videos which scans for exactly the right contrasts and the textures are still poor. So don’t expect anything near the demos you saw from a project like this and the biggest issue is your “photo to model” step. This makes or breaks the quality.

In general Unreal is very much capable of working as render engine. But don’t treat it as a lot more and keep in mind that because of the global illumination aspect you will have to do more than just textures which is another breakpoint… it’ll look better if done properly but generated it’s another issue to look out for.

Dear all,

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

I believe soon this technology will be more effective. I saw some video created with UE4 (exported from 3dmax) Paris,hotels etc and i think is not far away from my thoughts :wink: