Unreal engine crashing on RTX 3060 win 10

Hi, need some help with setting up Unreal engine on a new machine.

At the moment Unreal crashes my whole system as soon as I load “any” project, I have tried re-installing the engine, updating the drivers and everything I could find, and still it doesn’t work.

Crash reporter also freezes and I can’t even send a ticket.

Pls help, any info would be helpful.

Here is the error from a log file:

[2021.02.08-11.42.02:178][534]LogD3D11RHI: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (0.5 s) (ErrorCode 00000001)

I had this issue when I first installed UE4 and was also stumped…

Turned out I had Game drivers installed in Nvidia GeForce experience instead of studio drivers optimized to handle this program. I had no idea these even existed until I had this problem. (In GeForce Experience, click on drivers then the three dots in the top right and select studio drivers. It will take a while if you don’t have these installed already)

Also, Epic Launcher DOESN’T notify you if an update is available for the UE4 which caused me to get this issue a week later…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Edit: People have said in other posts that reverting to Nvidia update 460.89 solved this issue, you have to download from their website. I have UE4.26.1 installed and just noticed you are using 4.25

Thank you Puma for the input,
unfortunately I already have Studio drivers and that didn’t help with my issue, I have tried multiple things already with no success, also tried UE 26.1.

However I didn’t try reverting to 460, so I will make sure to try that over the weekend and update this post if it helps.

Thank you once again for the info.

DarkestPuma you are the man! Development blessings upon you!!

Reverting the driver to studio driver 460.89 helped with my issue.

Thank you.

Have you tried the new Studio Driver Version 461.92 released March 17th yet, please?

Sorry didn’t have time to try it until now, 461.92 works for me with no crashes.

I installed recent Studio drivers and still got crash. Only GPU Undervolting I have fixed the issue for UE and Games too: