Unreal engine crashes

What did you do before the first crash ? Did you change anything in your project ? Are you using C++ ?
If you haven’t done it, I suggest you download the debug symbols for UE4 from the launcher so the crash window will give you a little information and you can screenshot it and post it here.

Even though you have the symbols installed ? That’s weird. Do you remember what was the last thing you did with the engine before the crash occured ? And is it crashing when you start the editor or your project ? Can you start the editor without any project loaded ?

My unreal engine used for fortnite crashes every time on startup of fortnite and I have tried all various video tutorials on fixes relating to this exact issue.I have no idea what else to do,not sure whether its due to a computer issue or your engine has a bug.Hence, I would really appreciate if you could send me some help on this matter as I want to play fortnite please.Thanks guys!

The crash window doesnt give me any debug symbols

Um i am not using the engine for a project,i am playing a game that uses unreal engine 4 called fortnite and it crashes

Oh, didn’t read correctly it seems >< I’m not sure you will get any help here as this answerhub is dedicated to development with unreal engine. There is a specific forum for Fortnite link text

There is a section for technical support and bug reports, you should try there.

This website is intended for UE4 developers to get technical assistance with game development, please direct all Fortnite issues/questions to one of the following.

If you are experiencing issues with Fortnite such as crashes or account issues please visit [Fortnite Help][1]. There you will find various troubleshooting articles that will help you fix your issue. If you are still unable to resolve your issue please use the [Contact Us][2] form to get in touch with the Epic support staff who can assist you further. Be sure to include as much information as you can regarding your issue so support staff can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

For any general questions, help with Fortnite gameplay, or discussions related to the game, please visit the [Fortnite Forums][3].

Thank you