Unreal Engine crashes when making changes to an structure

I been following a video for adding a inventory system. I stayed up late last night to complete it. to day I added in a health system and tried other options. To find out that it didn’t work anymore. So I started on part one of the tutorials to find out that one Structure I made, Is Slot Structure. The 1st one is Item Structure. when I tried to change the value of it to Item Structure. It cashed. I sent some info the the tech on this, there no way of knowing how long it will take for a reply. I don’t know where else to post this message at a long with the crash report.

I added the log file too, I hope this helps someone that can help me.

I recently had a problem with a struct crashing if I did anything to it. What fixed it for me was fixing up the redirectors.

To do that, in the editor, right click on the folder your struct is in and click on the “Fix Redirectors in Folder” (or whatever its called).

Hopefully this helps if you haven’t found the fix yet!



So ive been using unreal for a few years now, and so far i love it. However now this will be the third time i have redone my main hud for my game. the problem is i code only in variables, and structures help me alot. But i have had to learn so many ways to fix all the bugs and crashes from simply adding new variables to a structure thats in use. Now though im running into the no compile no save crash from the result of me changing up my pre done structures leaving me with my only option but to gut my code of all structures and think far ahead into the future and make every single structure now that ill ever use (seeing as they are all interconnected) for someone that changes his mind on the fly this is not ideal. So my question is are devs working on a way to stop this crash, or is there other methods that i could be using.

This is the most annoying bug in UE4 and it’s still very buggy also in 4.26.2. If I would wish one fix for UE4, then this would be the first one. Working with structs is crap at the moment, because editing it bring up so much work because of refresh/reloading everything manually.

4.27 and the problem is still there. Crashes the engine if the struct have too much information or are being used. ■■■■, i dream one day this will be fixed.

Your problem comes from the fact your struct is an asset.

Create structs and enums from C++ instead.

Here’s a workaround for 4.26 if deleting the “Saved” folder doesn’t help:

Migrate structure to other project. Do your changes to the structure in other project. Close your actual projects editor. Migrate structure back to original project.

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5.1 and encountering this EXACT issue… My project is toast now.

Edit: I removed structs from my project (Didn’t -really- need them) but glad to see someone else confirmed the fix works.

The fix mentioned above still works. I’ve also managed to do everything baby steps. Literally “add variable” “save” “change variable type” “save”, but fixing redirectors should resolve the issue.


next time you have this issue, try creating a variable inside the struc and deleting it, do the same for every struc the structure appears in.
works for me every time.