Unreal Engine Crashes on Laptop 2 seconds after opening project

Hello. I have installed unreal engine recently and whenever i start a project the software crashes

I am running the software on a laptop
lenovo y520
i7 7700HQ
GTX 1050 2 GB
inlel 620 on board graphics
I have tried several solutions online and non of them seem to work. Updated drivers, updated engine version, overclock under clock, disable antivirus etc.
I have forced the software to use the High performance card instead of the integrated card via the control panel but that does not seem to work. it just crashes even faster now. One solution i have found is to disable the onboard graphics form the control panel but that seems to disable my NVIDIA card as well and the engine runs at 2 fps or sth.


My laptop does not have the option to change from hybrid graphics to discrete card option in the BIOS. Are there any other solutions to this problem? Is there anything that i am missing??
Thanks :slight_smile: