Unreal Engine Crashes at Startup when Using Linux With (core dumped) Error

I am running Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS on my computer. Today I thought I’d give Unreal Engine a try and take a break from Blender Game Engine which is not quite as good looking. I waited a long time for the program to install but when I go to run it the program crashes. The splash screen shows up for a few seconds and then closes immediately. I ran this in my terminal and I get this extremely large error:

link text

I followed this tutorial to install Unreal Engine.

Looks like it is failing to create an OpenGL 4 context. I would recommend to install the latest graphics drivers. Also you could try to add the -opengl3 param to your commandline.

I am completely new to Unreal Engine. My GPU only supports up to 3.2. How would I add the -opengl3 to the command line?

Just append it to the command you use to start the editor. So you have to call ./UE4Editor -opengl3 instead of ./UE4Editor.
If you are not running from terminal you will have to create or adjust the required links accordingly.