Unreal Engine crashes at 45%

When i start Unreal Engine it loads all the way up to 45% then crashes I’ve read through a lot of different people with the same problem but none of them explain why i’m having the same issue. Went ahead and added the Crash Report.

Can you provide a log file,so i can take a look!Thanks

[CrashReportClient] CrashReportClientVersion=1.0 DataRouterUrl=“https://datarouter.ol.epicgames.com/datarouter/api/v1/public/data” bAllowToBeContacted=true bSendLogFile=true CanSendWhenUIFailedToInitialize=true UIInitRetryCount=10 UIInitRetryInterval=2.0

[/Script/Engine.NetworkSettings] n.VerifyPeer=false I hope this is what you’re looking for it was the only thing in my crashreportclient. Sorry for taking so long to answer back.

logs in Saved/Logs in your project directory

So after a few days of it crashing on me it actually came up today with no problems. I have absolutely no idea what was wrong but it just started working. But its fixed i guess?

Sounds like dynamicDataCache or Intermediate folder got refreshed.

this issue might also be caused by over working the CPU by having other programs opened at the same time as loading ue4 or having a lot of browser tabs opened while ue4 is loading. ue4 is masive resource eater if the cpu is mosest or the ram memory is at a minimum. also if the video board is borrowing memory from ram could also cause an out of memory issue. just a simple ideea and might not be your answer

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