Unreal Engine CRASH READ (short story)

Hello everyone i know this forums are not for any type of life story or experiances, but i must tell you my short story about my project i was working on for months and what did just happened, and i choose this forums so maybe some one somehow will be able to fix my problem. I was never ever more disappointed from Unreal Engine 4 than now, and i don’t want you to make the same mistake as me because of UE4 Broken engine.

Maybe after all my problem is easy to be fixed, i was so mad and at that moment i was seconds away from deleting UE4 and never use it again, but i turn of my pc and calm down a bit and now i’m back again, to say what i have to say and explain my problem so maybe someone will know how to fix it.

Here’s how my story goes

Yesterday i was working on my project as i usually do every day for more than 5+ months from now, i always maintain my project clean as possible without 0 errors, 0 warnings, last thing i was working on was animations_BP
at that point everything seems perfect my animations works smooth without no causing any problems or errors.
and after i finished with my animations i close UE4 by pressing File - Exit, no PC shutdown or closing by task manager. And today i woke up and open my project to keep on working where i stopped, but there’s the crash error on startup my project not even open up when progress bar goes up to 100% ue4 crashed.
and i start to dig up inside to see where is the problem and i find out that problem was inside the Animations, Anim_BP, same thing i was working on last night. And i was shocked because there’s was no Errors no Warnings nothing everything was working perfectly, and now the only possible solution to open up my project is to remove Anim_BP from the content folder, when i do project opens up but of course that my main character wont do any animations because of missing his Anim_BP.
And i tried one more thing delete Anim_BP open up the project and paste it back again, but when i try to open him from UE4 to see where is the problem UE4 crash and close.

i don’t know what to do now, maybe some one will know some way how can i possibly fix this problem if there’s any solution for my case please let me know. Thank you for reading ! be careful with UE4 can break any time without showing any errors any warnings just simply your project won’t want to open up as mine