Unreal Engine Costs for Non-Game-Projects


I would like to start using Unreal Engine for creating a couple of non-game projects like for example VR/AR demonstrations for conventions, interactive hubs for video playback demos, real time motion graphics, etc. I understand, that Epic usually gets a share, if a game developed with the engine is commercially released but how does it work with projects like these?I Are there there special licenses for this or can I use the engine for free? I’ve already send an email with this questions to Epic as well but didn’t get a reply yet that, that’s why I am asking here.

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Epic has a 5% royalty on Gross Revenue. So ti doesn’t matter if you are doing a game, visualisation or just a rendering I guess. It only matters if you start having a revenue.

This is not correct.

Section 5: Royalty

I would suggest reading the entire section as it goes into the specific, but the below applies as a general statement:

The royalty is based on gross revenue from end users, regardless of whether you sell your Product to end users directly, self-publish via the App Store or any similar store, or work with a publisher.[/quo]

If there is no end user running the software, then no royalty need be paid.

Ok, thanks. So if I understand that correctly (and which was also my assumption), as long as you don’t sell what you’ve created with Unreal engine (eg just use it for demonstrating or visualizing something like described above) you can use it basically for free, right?

I believe what most ArchViz does is they’re getting paid by the hour to make whatever. Basically the artist is being contracted by someone to make something for him and thus it is not sold to the end user.

I’ve just received an answer from Epic, where they pointed me to this site. According to the “enterprise” section you can use the engine for free for these kind of projects. Cool!