Unreal Engine Content useage

Hello Unreal Engine developers

I am a Year 12 student in Australia working on a virtual reality simulation of assembling a computer for my Major project for school. Are there any rules that i must follow to use the engine content, such as the HTC-Vive controller mesh and materials. This project requires interaction with the industry and the models and meshes created would be great to use in this project.

Thank you for your time in reading the request and i hope to hear back soon.


Erin Gregory

I found the controller mesh in the Engine content as seen in the attached photo.

This was pre-installed without the Starter content.

Where do the controller mesh and materials come from?

There are certainly rules about using the content, and those rules are in the EULA. I’m hesitant to try to summarize them because there are plenty. Is there a specific question you had?

my main request is, am i able to use this engine content in my school project which requires use of an outsourced material.

Thank you for the answer, sorry if it was a bit confusing, This project has a component where i need to use an externally created item for more marks and i was wanting to ensure i had explained what my situation was. again thank you very much for your help!

You can use it in your school project. I don’t know what you mean by the project requiring use of outsourced material.