Unreal Engine constantly closing after 4.20.1 update!

Title says it all really. I updated to the newest version and that’s where the problems began. Nearly lost all of my work and when it finally did re open it constantly closed. I would open the game, open the character blueprint and add an event begin play node. I would then attach a widget and then a viewport. The goal is to have a health bar and shield bar appear on screen (following a tutorial, I’ve done it this way in the past and it worked). Any time during adding these too the event graph causes Unreal Engine to close and then I submit an error report. I’ve sent over 50 reports now. Anyone else having this issue? I’m going to university in a couple of weeks and this time now is for practicing and having this issue is stopping me.

I’ve tried re-installing the new update and the same issue occurs. I’ve sent a bug report so hopefully this gets fixed as it’s annoying now.

Day 3 and still facing the same issues, lost count how many crash reports I’ve sent…

I have the same issue. It stopped when I had to reset my HDD, files were saved. I would not recommend.

hola ruben heit