Unreal Engine - Computer Builds (Max Worlds)

I am probably one of the odd men out on the boards. I use/play Unreal Engine more as a video game than a video game creator. It’s the only thing that offers the extreme amount of customization with ease of use. I build all my static meshes with UE4 even (learning blender a little). Basically just trying to see what other developers use as computer builds. Did a little searching, but couldn’t find much and it’s hard to find up to date information on .

[FONT=Arial Black]Upgrades:
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor
CPU (max usage): seems to be a major point of failure as I hit 100% easily.

Ram: G.Skill Trident X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3-2666 Memory
Ram (max usage): - I hit 15.9GB at one point.

[FONT=Arial Black]Current: (don’t plan on upgrading)
CPU: i5-4670k 3.4 GHz
RAM: 16GB @ 2166
Board: Asus Z97-A ATX LGA1150 Motherboard (got it for free)
Video Card: GTX 760
Power supply, SSD, and/or etc not to worried about.

My computer build is:

CPU: i7-4770k (running at 3.5GHz stock, I don’t OC).
GPU: GTX Titan.
RAM: 16GB. (The max for Windows 7 Home Premium).

I won the PC in a competition run on the PC Gamer UK website, with the prize by ZooStorm*. It is a thing of beauty. :slight_smile:

*I.e. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a Titan if you were paying for it yourself.:wink:

Have a look at thread, it contains users computer specs and performance specs:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

*Edit: By the way, mine is an i5 4670k, same mobo, 8gb ram and a GTX 660ti… I have no complaints about the performance yet (sometimes dips below 60fps in some areas, but not much). And just so your aware, if you are using BSP’s, they can kill your performance if you use a lot of them, you should at minimum be converting them to static meshes (even better would be to export them to blender and clean up the edges, but that’s not necessary for basic shapes).

That’s probably my problem in a nutshell then. I know that I should convert most and the circular objects tend to just eat my CPU. Even with that said building large worlds shouldn’t require anything even if everything is a mesh?

Yeah that makes sense, I think it is because BSP’s are editable, so they have a larger impact (being somewhat dynamic). But with most BSP’s you create in your level, once it looks good to you, in the details panel click the small “v” down arrow in the Brush Settings tab, and click “Create Static Mesh”, it will then create an asset for you of that type and ask you where to save it.

I just did a test with a BSP sphere with 250 radius, level 5 tessellation, and noticed a large drop in frame rate using the editor (around 40 fps lower), after changing it to a static mesh, all is good, no real performance hit at all, back to the same FPS as before I created the sphere. So is definitely the problem! :slight_smile:

I was going to add images here, but the forum is having a “Database error” problem I guess, I can add them later if need be.

I7 3630QM
SLI DUAL 650M Geforce

is a laptop, I will be building a PC soon enough

Sorry, I know how to do all that and I do that with most pieces I create currently. I leave base floors that I’m building on as just BSPs mostly now everything else gets changed.

It goes into learning blender that I was kind of talking about. My problem in a nutshell is blender (which I didn’t verify so I probably confused you a bit). I’m getting to the point where anything I really want to do is pushing into blender more and more.

Oh whoops, sorry I misread… :slight_smile:

Complex static meshes are something that will take a lot of time and practice to get used to creating into, I started out learning Blender about 2 years ago, I ended up switching to 3dsMax, but I had some extra cash laying around at the time and went with that over a new PC. It is not at all necessary to go the same route, blender (especially now) has become a great tool that will do everything the big name modeling programs can do.

In the beginning it is best to follow along to a tutorial on youtube and re-create the object on your own, there are so many great tutorials out there, and for me at least, was the best way to get up and running quickly, being able to create more detailed meshes each time. Unfortunately there isn’t really any other options (aside from downloading ready made models from web sites (such as http://www.turbosquid.com), the BSP system is really limited in what you can make with it, they are working on a new system for the future in UE4, but none at the moment.

I know what it is like, first few times I opened up blender I would just sit and stare at all the tools and wonder how people can use program to make things, but it will become easier, start out with simpler things and work your way up, as creating and finishing an object will boost your confidence, trying to create complex things right off the bat and not finishing them will make you feel like you aren’t making progress. For example, the first thing I created was a coffee cup, it took way longer than I thought it would, but in the end it was worth it. Now I am currently working on the final detailing of a Ferrari 458 Italia, finishing up the interior at the moment.

Hope that helps, and anytime you run into a snag, post it on the forums here, as most of us have probably dealt with a similar. :slight_smile: