Unreal Engine Community Discord?

The title practically explains it all, I just wanted to know if Unreal Engine has an official community discord server.


There’s an unofficial (but very popular and regularly visited by Epic staff) one - https://unrealslackers.org/



Hi! Also do consider checking us out! We’re an independent Discord community with focus on creating a safe & welcoming space for people to learn simple & advanced topics related to the Unreal Engine Editor, anything from deep C++ system engineering to starting out learning the basics of the UI! Here you can share tips & tricks, get help in our dedicated help channels and hang around our lounge. Anyone is welcome to join :gift_heart:

Also dont be afraid to ping me personally (Im danieljackson#0286 on Discord), Im always happy to help with anything I can! :slight_smile:


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@officernickwilde Unfortunately, I cant find you on Discord, and the server invite doesnt seem to work for me anymore. Is there a chance the server got removed or could you send another link? I’m looking for a bunch of help on various topics and a discord server would be great for that!

@grimgorkost nope, that link is still active and working and is the only invite link we have (an intentional decision I made to not have a hassle of invite links disappearing).

Try copy pasting it into your browser maybe? Make sure youre in less than 100 servers. Lots of people use that link every day, 6 people have used it today & joined successfully.


Yup, Copy/pasting the link worked, cheers!


does anyone know how I can get in contact with who ever moderates UnrealSlackers. My account got temporarily hacked and sent spam so they Kicked me and I cant get back in to explain im in control of my account now. Thanks in advance!!

Most of the teleted developers are at

Would stay away from ‘Unreal Dev’, it’s just another power-tripping group using the platform to promote themselves.

Hi. I have a problem, when I click on the nanite the texture doesn’t work

Help me!