unreal engine certification

i was just wondering why there is no certification program for unreal , a one like adobe and autodesk provide ?

Because no one cares about certification

Also, because the engine develops at such a rate that certification would become redundant pretty quickly.

but in a lot of places in the world employers cares alot about certification
actually it’s the most common way to prove your worth to an employer in a job interview in the middle east.
you can show your creativity but it won’t work alone, so yes it’s a big deal in some area of the world map

Employers for games in the USA don’t care about a certification for a specific application, things completely change within 5 years for games. If you are really good, no one cares if you use Maya, Max, Modo, or Blender.

that’s pretty cool , i hope things would work here the same way but it for some reason it doesn’t

Certification just doesn’t exist in games - if someone is asking for it, don’t work for them, because it means they have no idea what they are doing.

thank you guys for the clearing this up, stay epic :wink:

Probably also because 2 out of the 3 you mention, only care about their bottom line.

Honestly, there’s so much cheating in certification as well, who would trust it?
Its safer to ask for a sample of work and get the person to talk about how they built it.

Plus, there are game courses that are effectively certifications. There’s a couple on the forums…
But with so much fraud, who can trust certification especially after Microsoft and other scandals!

Certification doesn’t show skill in using the software, I have a lot of experience with 3ds Max but don’t necessarily know the name of each UI element I use every day, and knowing what everything is called in the software doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Employers are going to look at your portfolio and your work experience.

Your “certificate” should be your portfolio. You should try to realize some of your ideas. It doesn’t have to be something big. And then create a Homepage, Blog, Whatever to present your work. That’s the best way to show other people what you are able to do.

This is a good point. A while ago during my time in High School I was denied an Adobe certification simply because I didn’t use the “appropriate” methods to achieve the results on the test. My methods were more efficient, but according to them it wasn’t the correct route. =P Certifications many times are not indicative of knowledge or experience. Being able to demonstrate an understanding of a program is much better than showing a piece of paper that says you are qualified.

Yea that’s true, but to show them your understanding of something they need to be interested in you. So in many industries you are more interesting if you have more certificates or a broader portfolio then the other competitors.

Not for certifications, I’d be surprised to find any studio that considers that when hiring. Only thing like that that could possibly matter outside of portfolio and work experience is if you trained at a handful of schools that do a good job of teaching. Most schools don’t do a good job so most of the time your degree isn’t a big deal. And a certification is even less important than a degree.

I don’t think so; and I am not the only one.

Very interesting what the competitor is doing right now:

I took a look at what their certification covers, and it’s the same type of junk that other certifications do. It doesn’t test skill, it tests memorization of UI elements and has a focus on promoting the engine. If they want to be serious about it, then they’ll have to change it. Until then, certifications are still going to be useless.

So what is your opinion about the “Master Courses” offered by some computer graphics institutes affiliated to Epic Games, offering international Certified Degree?

Like Aula Tematica (Spain) Home · Universal Arts School / 3D / Cine / Videojuegos

I haven’t seen any type of certification that’s supported by Epic. They like to help schools and stuff like that, but don’t do anything official like certifications. Whatever training programs offer certifications it’s their own making and not supported by Epic.

It’s still most important that you have a good portfolio so that you can show your skill.


Overall its best to look at certification with a skeptical eye or recruiter and employer point of view, and ask: Can we trust this?

Certs can be useful when you can’t easily demonstrate ability (much of tech world), but that’s not the case for game work.
Businesses will always readily take your money, but what will help you more, a cert or having an impressive working prototype?

Just an example, but pre-2000 M$ developer related certification was highly valued because much of it was very practical.
But post-2000, it became more about learning at a distance and / or multiple choice tests, and that’s where it tanked!
Now tests are often rigged to promote learning institute’s high-pass rates, including giving students the answers in advance.

The value of Certs in the ME just went up… :stuck_out_tongue:

Iraq shuts down internet to prevent exam cheating. The country’s entire internet