Unreal Engine can't find my workshop item


I’ve a workshop item released on Steam for Bus Simulator 18. It’s really weird, but it happened totally random: Unreal Engine isn’t able to update the workshop item anymore, instead I’m getting this:

*packaging …

LogPakFile: Display: Loading response file C:\BS18\Plugins\RMV_CitaroK\PakList.txt
LogPakFile: Display: Added 13 entries to add to pak file.
LogPakFile: Display: Collecting files to add to pak file…
LogPakFile: Display: Collected 13 files in 0.00s.
LogPakFile: Display: Added 13 files, 14561315 bytes total, time 0.06s.
LogPakFile: Display: Unreal pak executed in 0.071913 seconds

Redirecting stderr to ‘C:\BS18\logs\stderr.txt’
0%] Suche nach verfügbaren Updates…
----] Installation wird überprüft…
Steam Console Client (c) Valve Corporation
– type ‘quit’ to exit –
Loading Steam API…OK.

Logging in user ‘censored :slight_smile:’ to Steam Public…
Using cached credentials. . .
Logged in OK
Waiting for user info…OK

Preparing update…ERROR! Failed to update workshop item (File Not Found).

Drücken Sie eine beliebige Taste . . .*

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? If I change the name of the mod it’ll create a new workshop item instead… It seems like that Unreal Engine is something like disconnected to that mod… I hope you can help me out!

Best regards,