Unreal Engine can't find assets


I have an issue where Unreal Engine unloads assets from the content browser upon starting. Firstperson game mode and firstpersoncharacter to be exact. I have a HUD in the folder, I right click it to find it in the explorer. There I see the two previously mentioned objects, but not loaded in the content browser. Also on the world settings on my level, there is no game mode loaded, where it previously was.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

I made some blueprints also, when I click them in the content browser they just disappears. But they are still in the explorer in the projects location, but the engine can’t load the files.

I now have problems with variables in my blueprints. They are allready there but not visible, I try to create a new variable, with the same name, but it won’t let me. Since the variable is technically allready there. But it is not