Unreal Engine can publish my game on your facebook?


Saludo. Quiero saber si epic o unrealengine podria publicar mi juego o el link de mi juego en su facebook, gracias.


Greeting. I want to know whether epic or UnrealEngine could publish my game or my game link on your facebook, thanks.


I don’t think they just do that, but you could try getting it on the community spot light.

Epic Games is not a publisher for game developers, so no, they will not publish your game to Facebook. I suggest you take a look at the Facebook Developer Panel and see what options they have for getting your game onto Facebook, possibly via HTML5.

:wink: Funny answer.


Escuche que si yo ganaba epic también ganaba.

Yes, but that is referring to the royalty that Epic Games places upon released games.

So you can release Unreal Engine games to spot light? Is that the only way?