Unreal Engine C++ Visual Studio 2013 - Intellisense extremely slow

Can someone please help me fix this?

I searhed and googled a lot, and ended up using Virtual Assist trial for now. I think you needs very fast CPU + fast SSD, else its Virtual Assist.

Intellisense doesn’t work well with large code bases like Unreal. VS Community Update 4 had some improvements but it’s still a bit rubbish.

Visual Assist X is the best way to speed it up. It costs, but is ultimately worth it.

vs2013c update5 is slightly less annoying than update4, hopefully vs2015c would be much better (can be tested with UE4.10p3)

VS2015 + UE4.10p3+ is much better. And it compiles much quicker as well.

Before I go and buy Visual Assist to fix a problem that I don’t know will be fixed, is the engine source code supposed to work with Intellisense? If I hover over a function in the source code, I don’t get any hints or anything.

VAX heals all.

I think when you do the GenerateProjectFiles.bat, some UE4 specific intellisense data is generated and one would think this should work with standard VS too. But anyway, you’ll want VAX. Just get a trial, no need to outright buy it.