Unreal Engine C++ UI/Tools Programmer [Remote]

About Geodesic?

Geodesic is a company that develops integration tools for new technologies and gaming platforms for Unreal Engine. Our goal is
to help companies and developers create amazing experiences that push gaming and digital interaction to the next level

What you’ll do ?

Development Unreal Engine Editor Tools and UI for industry leaders companies like Epic Games and Their partners. You are going to
develop new UE4 C++ software features for new booming industries. It will require a lot of creativity and knowledge from your side, but as
reward will give you a lot of fun and business opportunities.

What we’re looking for
● Excellent C++ programming skills
● At least 3 years of Unreal Engine C++ experience
● Experience developing in a large codebase, ideally experience designing and implementing a tool from the ground up
● Knowledge of networking, rendering, and other systems impacting quality and performance
● Ability to listen to feedback and collaborate with others to come up with creative solutions to challenging designs
● Must work well in a team environment with both programmers and artists
● Passion for new technology and Unreal Engine C++ development
● Familiarity with engine modules and engine source code. Ability to read and recycle engine source code in your projects etc…

Discord: LENA#6958