Unreal Engine C++11 support?

Hey guys, I’m trying to decide which game engine to use for an RTS idea, and I really want to use C++11. Is the UDK compatible with it? Has anyone gotten it to work? And on which platforms?


Fairly sure it does, I’ve seen “auto” variable types being used in the code.

Great, thanks a bunch! Very excited to start working now =D

Here’s the official answer:

They are using “certain features”. Take a look for what you need…

The level of C++11 support depends on the compiler being used. Visual Studio 2013 has support for a lot of C++11 features but I don’t think it’s complete, you’ll also want to be aware of language limitations in other platform’s tool chains (if any).

Also noteworthy - The devs are very interested in extension. With Linux support already being nailed down if you find a C++11 feature that is not supported and you have a clear need for it in your project you can choose to either a) bind it into your project via an external DLL/Lib or you can shoot a formal request to the devs with the explanation and they will likely be willing to hear you out. =)

Welcome aboard Steve =)

I’m still old skool C++, I gotta get into lambdas and such one of these days :stuck_out_tongue: