Unreal Engine BUG

Probably is my GPU, but if someone can say something about it, will be nice.

Just started a NEW project pré:FPS.
Running in OpenGL (directX11 also had this problem) Settings: Scability(AUTO), Quality (LOW),Render(SHADE 4)

So i press “Play” and its seems to run ok at about 60 fps,
but when i press “esc” we got some troble here:


PC info:
Windows 7 64bits
PROCESSOR: AMD Phenom IIx4 965 3.40GHz
Video (Need to upgrade this one): GeForce GT 630

Any coments? THANKS

PS> Also happend this running with DirectX

ALSO i made this gif to show what happens sometimes lol

This interest me as well. If someone know the answer on how to solve this, please share!

Here is a link comparing your video card to our minimum recommended card:

This is likely the reason for issue you are experiencing.

I may get this one soon
Do you think it will work well?

Will the engine run? Almost definitely, but it might not run very well. The 7850 is not a particularly great card:

I know it’s almost double your original price, but i can’t recommend that 7850. It’s far too old and outdated. You’d end up having to buy a new one far too soon for it to be worth it. You should save up and buy something a little more… newer like at least a 256 bit memory interface and at least 2gb of gddr5 gfx card.