Unreal Engine blueprints multiplayer system

Hello world !
I have followed the whole multiplayer blueprint series from the Unreal Engine Youtube channel but I’ve still one problem…
When game is hosted, only host can see player cards. When a client connects, he cannot see the PlayerWindow at all.
If you have any idee of where it can be coming from, thank you for letting me know.

Have a good day !


So is it the whole playing window that is not showing up, or just some objects (cards) that you have problem with?

Do you have your card class set to replicate?

There is only player cards in the player window.
I checked replication 3-4 times according to the tutorials.

“Do you have your card class set to replicate ?” what do you mean when you say my “card class”
Every variables are replicated put the class ?

I was assuming that you have a class for your cards, inherited from AActor. If that is the case, make sure that in your ClassDefaults settings you have the Replicates tickbox checked. Variables marked to replicate only replicate if the AActor itself is replicated.

EDIT: Okay, I haven’t seen the attached images from my phone, sorry about that. Can you send a screenshot of your Blueprint logic?

This is the kind of player cards i’m using

Yeah after seeing the attached images I realized that you are not making a card game :smiley: It would be still useful to see your BPs to actually figure out whats wrong.

Which ones would you like to see?

ConnectedPlayer Widget Blueprint, Lobby Widget Blueprint ?

I guess all of them? It would be really hard to determine what is wrong without seeing how your logic is implemented. You most likely have a replication issue, but we need to see your nodes :smiley:


Are all these screenshots from a Widget class?

UUserWidgets are not Actors, and only classes derived from AActor can replicate.

This means, that you cannot use RPCs in your Widget class, you have to use a class that is derived from AActor, and owned by the client, such as the PlayerController.
Try moving all your logic there.