Unreal Engine Blueprint Event Graph Bugs on M1 Pro Macbook Pro

Machine: Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch, 2021, M1 Pro, 32gb RAM
UE Version: 5.0.3

I have had an extremely difficult time using the software in the past 4 hours with several glitches, crashes, and bugs that make some functionality completely unusable. Most have gone away with restarting the application, but there is one issue with the Event Graph when interacting with the blueprint page. If I ever left click in an attempt to move a node (or just left click at all, anytime), the view moves sporadically in a given direction. I have no way to move my nodes, and when I do select nodes the default placement is extremely far from where I am currently viewing on the Event Graph. This then forces me to have to zoom out and try to find and connect these tiny nodes that cannot be moved. I feel as if this could be equal parts glitch or user error, but it’s extremely frustrating and if anyone has a solution I would greatly appreciate it.