Unreal Engine Blueprint Api Reference

I find the manner in which the Blueprint API reference is sorted/nested very difficult to comprehend (perhaps there is a more user-friendly version elsewhere which I’ve been unable to locate?).

Assuming the goal is to make it user-friendly without being too tied to the underlying C++ code, perhaps a sorting that starts with the “Engine Features” as the root (intending to signify the type of activity one is trying to code - UMG, Physics Simulation, Rendering and Graphics etc.) and then the major classes within that (Actor, Pawn, Character, PlayerController etc - intending to signify what it is you are trying to use or affect). The former concept follows the Engine Features documentation structure enabling one to start to understand the blueprint nodes and data structure parameters involved in using those features. The latter concept loosely follows how the Getting Started with the Unreal Engine API page is laid out.

This approach would lay the groundwork for peope graduating to C++ later (if they chose to do so) but also make the data structure a bit more transparent for a new blueprint user (without having to wade through the much more detailed Unreal Engine API documentation).