Unreal Engine blocked for Russian developers?

Hello! I am a game developer from Russia. at this moment, it is impossible to register a new Unreal Engine’s game on Epic’s web-site via Russian IP. According to some forums, it looks like many people in Russia also cant register their game. Is it kind of server problem or Unreal Engine blocked for Russian developers?

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so thats mean is impossible to use Unreal Engine for new projects in Russia anymore?

I am sure that such important questions should be asked directly to the people who are doing this.
In Russia, Olesya Primakina, she is a Field Licensing Manager, will be able to answer this question for sure. I can’t throw off her contacts, but she is definitely registered on Facebook and my.mail ru. In addition, Olesya can be found in friends with Alexey Savchenko, although he no longer works at Epic Games.

*In the photo, it will be a beautiful blonde with a square hairstyle and usually glasses, about 30 years old.

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alright, thank you for answer, I will contact her

thanks, by the way, do you know any other ways to contact with Epics? Or may be other peoples from Epic on facebook? By some reason I cant get any answer from Olesya.