Unreal Engine Behaviour tree quick Start : Character animation issue

Hi Unreal Engine Community,
I followed behaviour tree quick start with unreal engine 5.0.1. Everything works well, expect the character animation for AI character. Somehow AI character only moves without animation transition from idle to walk. I followed all steps in the behaviour tree quick start but still I can’t make the animation work. Anyone has same problem like me or Any tips or guidance to resolve this issue?

[UE5.0.1, Behaviour Tree, AI]

Hello! Can you post the link to the tutorial you followed?

Most likely some transition in an animation state machine is stopping the characrer from animating correctly.

Thanks for your reply. I followed offical behaviour tree quick start (Behavior Tree in Unreal Engine - Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation)

I have the same problem. Build a simple AI controller or Pawn Sensing and the AI follows without the Animation. I played around with ABP but nothing. Still slides (instead of walks).

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