Unreal Engine Automation Tool???

Hi there,

I would like to know what exactly is the UAT…??
Every time I try to cook or package a project I just get the same error everytime!!

“BUILD FAILED: The automation tool was unable to run successfully” :mad:

What am I doing wrong???
Should I run ue4 as admin???

I basically can’t release my game to my friends because of this and it’s VERY frustrating!!!

Any help would be AWESOME!!

You should post this problem in the answerhub man…
But yeah, you should run UE4 as an administrator! You should run almost every program as a Administrator.

Answerhub is really a lost cause for me… the questions I have posted there have been unanswered fro quite some time now…
That is why I posted this here after I posted it on the answerhub!

This has been the case for me as well, but if it is a bug, which I suppose this may be, they are usually answered within a few days.

Just bump your answerhub threads after 4 days :slight_smile:

-do you package your game with shipping or development?
-which engine version do you use?
-run the engine with admin rights
-copy all your content into a new project and try it again

Package with development
Engine version is 4.8.1
Ran with admin rights
I tried the copy still same thing …

Thanks for the help!

Do you have any plugin install and try (if it’s a C++ code project) to compile in the editor dev (not debug_dev) and print the log here…

Good Luck.


PS : Dev is actully 10% dev and 90% problem but more you will have problems more you will learn (stop me if you are not thinking that).