Unreal Engine + assembly language code ??? what are the good reasons

I did some google searching but haven’t found an answer to this…
The question I would have is what are some of the actual use cases where someone might want to use assembly in Unreal Engine be it inline or some other method of invoking/using assembly code? Like are there niche corner cases where even for UE4.25+ there might under some cases warrant using assembly in an Unreal game?

Question put backwards, what are the closest example of a justification or use case for such a situation if any?

Its highly unlikely you will be able to write assembly code that is faster than what currently exists. With modern compilers and modern cpus SSE/MMX, the code they generate is usually superior to what someone can just type out these days. Of course this is a general rule, there are exceptions.

A long time ago writing assembly made sense, these days not so much.

99% of the time, you’re going to be better off sticking with C or C++ than to try and write your own assembly. If your goal is to “get product to market” you definitely shouldn’t be doing assembly.
Doing it for academic reasons? then have at it.

More than 99%.